Recycled Bag

Hongfa is committed to the environmental protection recycling Industry and adheres to the pursuit of sustainability to minimize environmental pollution.
Our Eco-friendly bags are produced to the highest level to ensure environmental, social and economic standards.
1. Hongfa uses discarded plastic bottles as the main core product that are reprocessed into recycled polyester fibers through advanced technology. Each recycled shopping bag consumes 6 plastic bottles.
2. The highest standards are used to ensure that all harmful substances are removed with our methods being certified by the International safety standards OEKO –Tex Certification.
3. Hongfa products have zero dyeing process, as the coloring process is established by adding colored chips at fiber process stage which reduces water consumption by 72% and carbon emissions by nearly 26%.
Our zero dyeing process results in a superior color fastness even after washing.
4. Our special weaving process in the combination of fibers used increases the tensile strength and look of each bag which easily holds or carries weight of 15 KG.
5. Global Recycling GRS certification has approved our entire production and supply chain on how we process recycled material, which is traceable and supervised by TC transaction certificate.
We are committed to renewable and environmentally friendly product and hope to be part of your supply chain to protect the world together, forever.

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